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Original Matured Miodula Presidential Blend 40%

  • Double gold medal and the title "Best Flavored Vodka," San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2013;
  • Silver medal and the title "Best in its Class," International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2010;
  • Bronze medal, International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2008;
  • Bronze medal, International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2007;
  • The emblem "Teraz Polska" - Foundation of the Polish Promotional Emblem, Warsaw 2006;
  • Gold medal for dishes made with Miodula, prepared by the team Polish BBQ Kings - Smoker, VIII Barbecue World Championship.

Miodula Staropolska 40%

  • The best regional product in the category of "alcohol," bestowed during the European Trade Fair of Regional Products - Zakopane 2010.


About the company
The company Toorank Polska S.A. has been active on the Polish market since 1996 and conducts production operations in the spirits sector. Following the example of French firms of the Bordeaux region and Italian companies producing grappa - promoting the place of origin and attracting tourists as well as enthusiasts of local culinary traditions, thanks to which the regions develop, and together with them, companies - Toorank Polska S.A. is involved in the production of high-quality products, intended for a small group of connoisseurs, products for small communities in micro-regions. Since the beginning of its existence, the firm has been actively engaged in cultural events in Wisła, Szczyrk, Krakow, Zakopane, Szydłów and many other places, presenting regional products which promote Polish regions both in the country and abroad.

On values
Social responsibility and the cultivation of regional customs are basic values of the company. For years, the firm has closely cooperated with scientific institutions, conducting research on herbs and their cultivation. Together with the promotional departments of local governments, museums and associations of lovers of particular regions, it studies their history, traditions and customs, so as to recreate and give new life to all of the products forgotten by history and bring them onto the market.


On production

- In 2004 the company was the first in Poland in the spirits sector to obtain RWTUV certificates in the area of production quality: ISO 9001, HACCP, BRC. The following years were a confirmation of this strategy.

- The year 2005 was a period of efforts - crowned with success - to attain the most prestigious regional award in the area of quality, namely the Silesian Award of Quality.

- In 2006 the firm received the highest recognition in the area of production quality, being awarded in the Presidential Palace with the emblem "Teraz Polska" for the regional product Miodula. At the same time the company presented its products at international trade fairs in London and Dusseldorf, for which it received many gold, silver and bronze medals; including those for Miodula. - In 2007 the firm was awarded as the best-managed economic entity in the Bielsko-Biała county, obtaining the title "Businessperson of the Year 2006" and the "Oak Laurels" trophy presented by the local government of Bielsko-Biała in the 4th edition of the competition.

- In December 2008 the Miodula series of spirits was distinguished with the Promotional Sign "Beskidzka 5". "Beskid Product for an A" is a product associated with the region of the "Beskidzka 5," that is, the area of Szczyrk, Wisła, Istebna, Brenna and Ustroń. The recognised product must be produced in a non-mass and environmentally-friendly manner, with resources that are locally available, and also have functional features. Such a product becomes a proud symbol of the "Beskidzka 5" region by making use of its specific character.

-In 2010 the company obtained certificates for the next system of security and quality of beverages according to the international ISO 22000 norms.

On innovativeness
Low-volume production, which is sought out by local communities and town councils, e.g. Tatarczówka Skoczowska, is always preceded by detailed studies and agreements not only at the official or economic level. Simultaneously with launch of a product, the Department of Research and Development conducts detailed research in the laboratory of Toorank Polska S.A. In this manner, unique liquor recipes arise which find recognition in the eyes of customers and delight their palates. Thanks to these activities, the company enables producers to sell their materials and products, while towns and regions attract tourists.

O innowacyjności
Toorank Polska S.A. was recognized as one of the most innovative companies in Poland in 2008. In the ranking of the most innovative firms in Poland, Kamerton Innovativeness 2008, it came in 21st place in the small firm category, in this manner joining the forefront of the best and most dynamically developing companies in recent years. Nearly 20,000 companies took part in the study. Confirmation of the firm's innovativeness is seen in its taking a peak position in a study commissioned by the European Commission. In 2014 the company participated in the Gazeta Prawna competition "Market Leader of Innovation." On the basis of work conducted in recent years in the area of innovative investment, introduction of new products, improvement of currently offered products and services, implementation of new information technologies, minimisation of negative effects on the natural environment and cooperation with research institutions - the Award Committee granted the company the title: "Market Leader of Innovation 2014."